Style is the Message Book


International sketch compilation book.

23 x 16 cm / 160 pages / Colored
Soft cover
Language: English / Turkish

Collection of sketches from many artist around the world.

Abyz, Aher, Aids, Akte, Amigo, Aroe, Arsek, Asmoe, Atome, Bacon Mck, Bagy, Bakeroner Bash, Bates, Birth, BoaOne, Bomber, Boogie Brok, Bye, Cantwo, Capsor 196, Case, Cause Turk, Cento, Cesm, Chek, Chek Sparrow, Ches, Chips, CmpOne, Coper, Cowboy 69, Crow, Dado, Daim, Dare, Dasem, Dashe, Dejoe, Delta, Depot Dhen, Dozer, EazOne, Erase, Esk Reyn, Eter, Etnik, Etrs, Faker, FOKUS, Fred, Fresk, Geser Hakim, Hero, Inka, Joel, Joys, Junior, Kacao 77, Kaisy, Kanone, Kanos, Katre, Kenzo, KmrOne, Kofie, Kostya, Krys, Leo Lunatic, Manyak, Maste Maztro, Mcroy, Meck, Mediah, MedsOne, Mega Met, Metod, Mister A, Motick, MR.Hure, Nekos Nemo, Neon, Nub, Nuka, Odem, Osmo, Panks, Pans, PasOne, Paze, Persu, Pest, PhatOne, Plaque Poker, Pout, Puak, Ques, Rafe, Rash, Rate, Rays, Reach, Rei, Repus, RepyOne, Reso, Romeo, Royce Rusl, Sailor/Bedae, SeakOne, Semor, Semi, Serval, Serwe, Set, ShueN, Siek 27, Sirum, Skare, Skor 72, Slider, Smash 137, Smore, Soda
Someza, Stak, Stalker, Stare, Stohead, Suiko, Sünde, Swet, Swiz, TabOne, ThisOne, ToeOne Toma, Toren, Tres, Tuke, Turbo aka Rez, Wayne, Weak, Weal, Weis, Wicx, Wyne, Zero

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